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Linda Hynes, employment lawyer with Ogier Leman writes a monthly feature for Legal-Island email subscribers providing handy precedents and checklists for subscribers to download and use.

This month’s topic focuses on the work Christmas party and the legal challenges it can raise for employers.

A Contact Law survey in the UK found that 28% of employees have been on the receiving end of unwelcome advances from a co-worker at the office Christmas party, with 15% of these advances coming from the employee’s boss or manager.

Employment equality legislation sets out that an employer is liable for the acts of employees carried out in the course of their employment, whether carried out with the employer’s consent or not. This could include the work Christmas party. An employer must take reasonable steps to avoid incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination from occurring at the party.

Linda has created a checklist of tips for an employer on the actions that will show that an employer took those reasonable steps. Employers need to be aware of risks such as bullying, harassment, personal injury claims, drink driving issues, absenteeism and social media issues.

Linda’s checklist helps employers prepare so both employers and employees can enjoy their Christmas party, without the legal hangover!

Click here to access the work social events checklist.


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