What will the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 mean for your business?

The long anticipated Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015 was published on 4 February 2015 as part of the Government’s legislation aimed at reducing alcohol consumption.

The Bill will impact on manufacturers and trade alike. We have set out the key affects of the Bill for each below.



  • All alcohol products must carry labels clearly identifying the energy content (calories) and details of the amount of pure alcohol measured in grams.
  • In addition all products must carry health warnings on alcohol consumption both generally and during pregnancy.
  • The requirements will also apply to all promotional materials produced.


  • Alcoholic products should not be marketed or advertised in a way which is likely to appeal to children.
  • Advertisements will be limited to the following: –

o To films classified over 18.
o In outdoor spaces.
o In print media in relation to volume and type of publication.
o Sponsorship events to be regulated in terms of volume, placement and other relevant factors.
o Restricting broadcasting of alcohol advertisements to certain times of day – on television from 2016.

Minimum Pricing

  • Minimum pricing calculated per gram of pure alcohol will be introduced.

Publicans and On-Licence Trade

Notification and information requirements

  • All on-licensed premises must prominently display notices showing the calorie content, an alcohol consumption warning and grams per measure inside the premises for any quantity or measure served for consumption on the premises (i.e. alcohol sold on draught or in glasses sold for consumption on the premises). In addition to the notification requirements, on-licensed premises will also be obliged to produce information on alcohol labelling requirements on request.
  • There is no requirement for on-licensed premises to display notices about alcohol products sold in bottled form as the required information and warnings will already be displayed on the labels on the bottle.

Minimum Pricing

  • In addition to labelling requirements, the bill introduces a framework for minimum pricing. Guidelines surrounding this aspect are to be introduced by ministerial regulation.
  • Publicans and restaurants serving cocktails should note that minimum prices for mixed drinks must be calculated by reference to the total alcohol content in grams per mixed drink.
  • All traders, employers and employees are obliged to produce the relevant records to authorised officers who are inspecting the premises to enable them to inspect, review or remove the records from the premises as part of its investigation/inspection. The Bill provides for varied powers and procedures to enable authorised officers to carry out their role.

For more information on the Bill, please contact Sharon Pennick.


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