What to Expect When You Qualify – Part I

At the start of December – just over one month’s time! – about 400 trainee solicitors in Ireland will become fully qualified. Finally at the finish line of the qualifying marathon – a journey not without its ups and downs! – relief and triumph are generally the first emotions to be felt by newly qualified solicitors.

However, it is natural to feel slight apprehension. A newly qualified solicitor might not have the frame of reference an experienced one has when it comes to what’s expected. Will there be a great change in the workload? Will fee-earners and partners interact with you in different ways? What is lost in qualifying?

We at Ogier Leman have consulted our newly qualified solicitors to find out what to expect when you qualify. Here’s some of their advice:

1. Ongoing Learning

While there might be fear that once you qualify, you will be expected to know everything, there is also understanding that you have a lot more to learn. For those newly qualified, your training and development will continue for many years past the date of your qualifying ceremony. Whether it’s in the form of CPD, potential part-time diplomas or courses you might choose to undertake, or practical mentoring from partners; the lessons never end. And that’s no bad thing. After all, learning is for life – not just for Blackhall!

2. More Interface with Clients

In the several years, it takes to ascend to qualifying, there’s a lot of time spent at the coalface. And by coalface, we mean – the printer/desk/computer circuit. Be relieved to know that your horizons expand as a qualified solicitor, as opportunities arise for interface with clients. As we move into a less digital-based way of working, look forward to lunches, coffees and on-site meetings with clients, and developing a 3-dimensional, human understanding of their needs, as opposed to a name on headed paper.

3. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility!

During your training years (aside from the lugging of heavy files across town, for property transactions or to the Four Courts) there aren’t many chances to feel powerful. Sometimes, even if you’re very proud of your work, it’s sometimes hard to see the impact of your efforts. This changes drastically once you qualify. Every decision you make has an immediate, trackable effect in the case and in the firm. However – to quote Spiderman – with great power comes great responsibility, so ensure to be mindful of your newly-powerful actions!

Lastly, with just a month left of your trainee experience, we advise you don’t forget to enjoy your last few weeks of training. Congratulations, to all of us at Ogier Leman.

Ogier Leman congratulate all solicitors-to-be and wish you the best of luck in your legal career. For more information on our own legal services, please visit www.leman.ie or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.

By Daisy Hickey

Marketing Executive

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