Ultán Anderson

About Ultán


Ultán is a solicitor currently working with the Ogier Leman Litigation Team.

Ultán is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he studied law. After graduation, he interned in a Manhattan contracting firm for 3 months and spent a year working as a paralegal in a boutique litigation firm in Manhattans financial district.

Prior to working in Ogier Leman, Ultán also worked in a small conveyancing firm on Merrion Square.

Ultán is a member of the European Association of Data Protection Professionals.

About Ultán Anderson

Ultán is from Tyrone and moved down to Dublin in 2011. He enjoys reading political and historical books and has a keen interest in current affairs constantly checking the latest Brexit updates.

He collects vintage Peugeot race bikes, intending to fix them up but has at this point fixed up a grand total of zero.

Although he enjoys city life he is a country boy at heart and looks forward to later life when he can move out to the pale, buy an acre of land and grow his own vegetables.

Practice Areas

  • Dispute Resolution

Contact Ultán Anderson

TEL : +353 1 639 3000

DDI: +353 1 669 7074