Arnab Mishra

About Arnab


Arnab is one of our international recruits, hailing all the way from India. Arnab joined the Ogier Leman management team as a Business and Technology Analyst where he is primarily responsible for IT, ISO (Information Security) including Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Sharepoint, Power BI and Tableau reporting, eDiscovery and digital media.

He came to Ireland to pursue his second master’s degree in Strategic Management in Digital Business from Dublin City University. Arnab has over five years of experience in the e-commerce and retail industry having worked as an Assistant Manager of Operations in one of India’s biggest multinationals, Reliance Industries.

He has a deep understanding of business process re-engineering, technologically driven operations functions and effective client relations. He is exceptionally organised and has been known for his ability to provide clear cut solutions and unyielding reliability.

Over the period of his master’s in Ireland, he has worked closely with Elliot Lloyd, ESB and has assisted in the fundraising of several sensitive research projects. He has achieved commendable success back home and now he is all set to repeat the feat in Ireland.

About Arnab Mishra

Arnab prefers a side of technology with his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He actually prefers a side of breakfast, lunch and dinner with his technology. His most recent purchase, an electric skateboard is his pride and joy and he believes he will one day win the race against pedestrians. Aside from his passions of music, the world wide web and cleaning… everything, he moonlights as a Barista and is even certified in the art of brewing coffee by Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company (Café Coffee Day). He has all of Bryan Adam’s, Bruce Springsteen’s and Bon Jovi’s songs down pat and he gets annoyed if he has to listen to them on inferior headphones.

Arnab is an adventurer at heart and is really enjoying exploring many of Ireland’s “must visit” locations at the weekends.

Practice Areas

  • Strategy & Analytics

  • IT Project Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • Digital Marketing

  • ISO 9001:27001

Contact Arnab Mishra

TEL: +353 1 639 3000

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