Orlaith Doorley

About Orlaith


Orlaith Doorley joined the firm as  Practice Manager in September 2010.  The new role strengthens the internal financial, HR and organisational management of the practice.  Orlaith previously worked with Mason Hayes + Curran has 6 years experience in practice management.

About Orlaith Doorley

Orlaith is Leman Solicitor’s fabulous Practice Manager. She manages the firms’ finances like they are her own and pursues our (very few!) wayward debtors with a firm (but always pleasant) efficiency. An early riser, she can be seen at her window desk tapping away at her laptop at hours of the morning most of us consider to be the middle of the night.

Orlaith enjoys the finer things in life and has a critic’s knowledge of the Dublin restaurant scene. One might even say she has expensive tastes. Save and except of course when it comes to ordering office supplies particularly office supplies she doesn’t use! When you query where those tabs are that you asked her for three weeks ago, the response is usually “It’s ordered”. (Translation: “It’s not ordered”).

Perhaps unusually for someone so adept with numbers, her primary degree is in English. An avid reader, there is not a book on any bestseller list she hasn’t read, although we don’t know where she gets time. She loves a good word and sometimes she makes up some of her own.

Practice Areas

  • Finance

Contact Orlaith Doorley

TEL: +353 1 639 3000