The Champ Champ Trademark Fight – Conor McGregor v. Champion

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Conor McGregor Trademarks

From having zero trademark applications (see here) to having some, to now having lots, I’ve been following the Conor McGregor trademark story from the very beginning. And now it’s time for the latest installment.

The Champ Champ Trademark Application

Back on 9 February, 2018 McGregor’s Company, McGregor Sports and Entertainment Limited applied for registration of a European trademark for ‘The Champ Champ’.

Yesterday, the last day it was possible to do so (stinger) a famous sports brand from my youth filed an opposition against that application. I’d wager a decent sum that somewhere there exists a picture of a young McGregor wearing an item of clothing with this logo on it:

McGregor Champ Champ Champion Trademark

Well, if there is, that just came back to bite him, because that company has opposed McGregor’s trademark application for ‘The Champ Champ’ on the basis of this logo, along with the word trademark ‘champion’ and this other logo. McGregor Champ Champ Champion Opposition

Personally (see my 100% faked mock-up photo above) I think Champion have missed a trick here and should actually be going into partnership with him to release a Champion branded Champ Champ line.

The Champ Champ Trademark Application



The Champ Champ Trademark

Champ Champ Trademarks Goods & Services

McGregor’s trademark application was filed for the following goods and services:

  • Class 3 – Aftershave; toiletries; shaving oils; shaving gels; shaving foam; perfume; cosmetics.
  • Class 9 – Apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and images; recording discs; computer and video games; DVD’s; videos; protective clothing; compact discs; teaching apparatus and instruments.
  • Class 16 – Books; printed publications; calendars; diaries; stationery.
  • Class 25 – Clothing; footwear; headgear.
  • Class 28 – Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles.
  • Class 41 – Gymnasium services; provision of health club services; health and fitness training; education; provision of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; gymnastic instruction.
  • Class 43 – Restaurant and café services; provision of food and drink; takeaway food services; hotel services; temporary accommodation.
  • Class 44 – Barber shops; hairdressing services; healthcare services; physiotherapy; beauty salons; medical clinic services.

The opposing trademarks are filed for the following:

Champion Word Mark:

  • Class 18 – Luggage, cases, bags, wallets, pouches, purses, back packs, satchels, straps; parts for the aforesaid goods.
  • Class 25 – Articles of clothing, footwear and headgear; parts for the aforesaid goods; babies’ diapers of textile; babies’ napkins of textile; boot uppers; cap peaks; dress shields; fittings of metal for shoes and boots; footwear uppers; hat frames [skeletons]; heel pieces for stockings; heelpieces for boots; heelpieces for boots and shoes; heelpieces for shoes; heelpieces for stockings; heels; inner soles; iron fittings for boots; iron fittings for shoes; non-slipping devices for boots; non-slipping devices for boots and shoes; non-slipping devices for shoes; pockets for clothing; ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; shirt fronts; shirt yokes; soles for footwear; studs for football boots [shoes]; tips for footwear; visors [hatmaking]; welts for boots; welts for boots and shoes; welts for shoes.

Champion Logo Mark (1)

  • Class 9 – Optical, weighing and measuring apparatus and instruments; Eyeglass; Sunglasses; Sports glasses; Goggles for swimmers; Spectacle cases and frames.
  • Class 24 – Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; Towels and cloths; Bath towels and beach towels.
  • Class 35 – Management, organisation and administration in retail outlets, in particular of clothing, footwear and sporting articles; Retailing of optical, weighing and measuring apparatus and instruments, horological and chronometric apparatus and instruments, textiles and textile goods, bags, garments and sporting articles; Electronic commerce services, Namely providing information about products via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes; Business services relating to providing sponsorship.
  • Class 41 – Organising sporting events; Education, Providing of training, Entertainment and sporting activities.

Champion Logo Mark (2)

  • Class 18 – Trunks and travelling bags; Umbrellas; Casual bags; Hand bags; Multipurpose sports bags; Baggage; Satchels; Rucksacks; Fanny packs; Beach bags; Canvas bags; Wallets; Briefcases; Key bags.
  • Class 25 – Articles for clothing, Footwear, Headgear, Also including belts, Headscarves, Sashes for wear, Gloves, Sportswear: Stockings, Cuffs; Head sweatbands; Jackets [clothing], Jumpers, Undershirts; Tee-shirts; Elasticated t-shirts; Tank tops; Sweat shirts; Pants (Am); Trousers shorts; Bermuda shorts; Swimming costumes; Swimming trunks; Brassieres; Bath robes; Combinations (clothing); Full tracksuits for sports teams.
  • Class 28 – Gymnastic and sporting articles and equipments not included in other classes.
  • Class 35 – Management, organisation and administration in retail outlets, in particular of clothing, footwear and sporting articles; Retailing of clothing, footwear, bags and sporting articles; Electronic commerce services, namely, providing information about products via telecommunication networks for advertising and sales purposes; Business services relating to the provision of sponsorship.

What Next?


Next comes the opposition proceedings, which could take a year. Each side will set out their stall. Champion will set out why McGregor shouldn’t be allowed to have the trademark registered for some or all of the goods, and will say that his applied for trademark is similar to their own mark and likely to cause confusion. Conor McGregor’s camp will say, well, that it isn’t and it won’t.

Champion Trademark Applications


You can check them out here:

The Champ Champ Trademark Application

Champion Trademark Application

Champion Logo Application (1)

Champion Logo Application (2)

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