About the Sector

The Financial Services sector is a primary driver of the Irish economy and many global institutions and organisations operating in the sector are based here. The use of complex financial instruments in investment fund strategies has increased significantly recently. The majority of funds now use derivatives to enhance performance, reduce downside risk or decrease volatility in fund performance. Given the nature of financial contracts from lending to funds through associated derivative transactions the sums involved are usually large and the issues that arise in disputes complicated. Those involved need specialist advice from lawyers with the right expertise and qualifications. Ogier Leman is an efficient alternative for those seeking this specialist advice.

Our Services

  • We advise corporate clients and alternative finance providers here and in the United Kingdom in contractual and financial services disputes involving banking, pensions, insurance and funds
  • Our team members hold advanced qualifications in finance law and team leader Ronan McGoldrick is professionally qualified in the use of complex financial instruments and derivatives
  • We have particular expertise in defending corporate borrowers from actions taken by loan acquiring funds and forcing the conclusion of satisfactory settlement agreements

Our Experience

  • Successfully opposing an application by an Irish bank to strike out the Commercial Court claim of a QIF for losses caused by the bank’s coercion and intimidation relating to the sale of valuable commercial property
  • Advising Irish corporate entities in their claims for damages arising from the sale to them of complex financial instruments including positive carry swaps, CAPs, Collars, Knock in CAPPED Fixed Rate Loans
  • Successfully obtaining the discharge of a receiver appointed over assets securing loans transferred by an Irish bank to a vulture fund
  • Successfully advising a US-based hedge fund on its potential exposure during the failed hostile takeover attempt by Mylan of Perrigo
  • Advising company shareholders in their Commercial Court action against a bank to invalidate share pledges and guarantees securing €2.8 billion euro loans
  • Advising company shareholders on Market Abuse Regulations and Section 60 of the Companies Acts relating to Commercial Court proceedings

Our Clients

We advise financial institutions, corporate clients and their shareholders, property developers and syndicated property investors in lending and alternative finance disputes, and in debt collection and enforcement matters.

Your Contacts

Ronan McGoldrick

Partner & Head of Financial Services

T: +353 1 639 3000

DDI: +353 1 632 3116

Email: ireland@ogier.com

Stephen O’Connor


TEL : +353 1 639 3000

Email: ireland@ogier.com