About the Sector

Ogier Leman provides expert legal advice on all areas of construction disputes. We specialise in getting sub-contractors paid promptly.

We provide practical and commercial advice on all aspects of dispute resolution, including mediation, conciliation, arbitration and adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act 2013.

Our Services

  • Advising on dispute resolution processes
  • Extension of time claims
  • Liquidated and ascertained damage claims
  • Extras/variations claims
  • Defective works/product claims
  • Professional indemnity claims
  • Advocacy in mediation, conciliation, adjudication, arbitration, dispute boards and litigation
  • Challenging arbitral awards and/or adjudication decisions


  • Payment claims
  • Delay claims
  • Contract advice

Our Experience

Our solicitors are accredited mediators and experts in adjudication as well as practising arbitrators. Our experience includes representing:

  • An M & E subcontractor in €1m EoT claim;
  • A national carpet fitter in €500K extra/variations claim in arbitration;
  • A subcontractor in €600K High Court product liability claim; against Portuguese manufacturer;
  • A subcontractor in €2m claims for payment against the contractor;
  • A roads subcontractor in a €400K claim against the contractor;
  • A subcontractor in 5 x enforcement of arbitral awards;
  • Subcontractors in 4 x wind up applications against contractors; and
  • Several parties in 6 x challenge to arbitral awards.


  • Construction Contracts Management Solution
  • Centralised Document Repository
  • Contracts searchable for keywords
  • Notice tracking
  • All communications redirected to the project portal
  • Payment & Dispute tracking
  • Automated Integration with Outlook

Our Clients

  • Building contractors
  • Mechanical subcontractors
  • Building subcontractors
  • Electric subcontractors

Your Contacts

Larry Fenelon

Partner, Head of Dispute Resolution

T: +353 1 639 3000

DDI: +353 1 632 3110

Email: ireland@ogier.com

Maria Edgeworth

Managing Associate

T:+ 353 1 639 3000

DDI:+ 353 1 632 3115

Email: ireland@ogier.com