About the Sector

Health tech is on the rise and subject to ever changing regulation and restriction. These days your watch can tell you how you slept, how many calories you’ve eaten and how much exercise you’ve taken. In the future we will all rely heavily on both our own health tech devices that can be used in the comfort of our own home but also on our healthcare providers to use the best technology available to diagnose and treat us. Our global legal framework cannot keep up with the advances in technology in this sector. This brings a number of challenges to businesses developing products in the health tech market such as data protection and privacy, healthcare regulation, intellectual property and design rights, competition, medical negligence liability, software and licensing issues and individual patient rights and consents.

Our Services

  • Corporate and commercial advice on setting up, acquiring and selling health tech businesses
  • Funding and financing arrangements
  • Data protection & privacy
  • Health services regulation
  • Software and licensing agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Employment law advice
  • IT & IP advice
  • Commercial property advice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Outsourcing
  • Corporate governance

Our Experience

We have significant experience in advising both new and existing health tech and telehealth companies particularly in the areas of acquisition and SaaS as well as providing expert advice on data protection considerations regarding new and developing products. Ogier Leman also has specialist experience in advising healthcare product manufacturers on legal compliance.

Our Clients

Among our health tech clients we advise the following:

  • One of Europe’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies
  • A fast growing Irish startup in the area of mobile oral health technology
  • A leading international manufacturer of innovative healthcare and technology
  • An EU based company specialising in advanced wound and skin condition technology
  • An international business focused on promoting clinical data integration
  • An international telephone health assistance company
  • A leading provider of building health audits and solutions
  • A large company providing remote health consultations and technology

Your Contacts

Dominic Conlon

Partner, Head of Corporate

TEL: +353 1 639 3000

DDI: +353 1 232 1075

Email: ireland@ogier.com

Edon Byrnes



TEL: +353 1 639 3000

Email: ireland@ogier.com