At Ogier Leman, we provide a full commercial land development legal service.  From the outset of a development plan, right through site acquisition, development and roll out to sales and lettings, we aim to be right at the heart of our clients’ business.  We know that project management is vital to ensuring our clients get the maximum return on their investment.  We want to help manage developments all the way through their various stages:

  • Planning and objector negotiation
  • Early access/testing licences
  • Title and access due diligence
  • Development planning
  • MUDs Act Compliance
  • VAT Analysis and advice
  • Construction Team engagement and warranties
  • Completion of development packages for clients, financiers, purchasers and occupiers
  • Strategic negotiation of joint ventures/development management platforms
  • Sales  and Development Financing

We are passionate about the built environment. We have extensive contacts in development and related disciplines (engineering, design, specialist subcontractors, finance, surveying and tax) so that our clients always have reliable teams to call on when they need them. A Leman planned development is always well thought through and executed so that clients can access cash flows from development quickly.

We are currently working on developments in some of the most high profile locations in Ireland with a range of private and public clients. We look forward to assisting them in bringing those developments to market over the coming months.

Contact John Hogan.