We asked our lawyers, ‘what would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?‘ One was brave enough to say they would love to work in food…and so our legal expertise with the food industry.

We are a nation finally awakening to our food pedigree. We care about food as much as our food producing clients be it: the look of the crisp; the bounce of the bread; the marbling of the beef; the feel of the packaging or the sheer taste of what’s in your mouth. We all want perfection in our product.

In business we are no different to you.

That’s why we work with Irish food companies looking to the Irish market and abroad. We understand what it is to start with an idea, sharing it with close friends, being brave enough to have a go and getting your product on the right shelf.  We also get ambition, expansion and ‘going large’. We are there to share the highs and the lows.

Uniquely our food lawyers understand your challenges because they have worked in the food industry. Our client base is primarily food producers in expansion mode driving export led growth. In addition to advising clients on matters faced by all businesses, we understand and advise on key issues facing food producers like:

  • distribution agreements
  • labelling and packaging regulations
  • food safety
  • consumer rights
  • international law
  • ingredients
  • traceability
  • liquor licensing
  • leases

For further information on the services we provide please email Larry Fenelon on lfenelon@leman.ie or call him on 01 639 3000.