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Linda Hynes, employment lawyer with Ogier Leman writes a monthly feature for Legal-Island email subscribers providing handy precedents and checklists for subscribers to download and use. This month’s topic focuses on social media and how it affects the workplace.

Recent statistics show that over 50% of the world’s population is under 30 and 1 billion tweets are posted every day. There are almost 2 million Irish Facebook profiles and 49% of the Irish population own a smart phone. It is clear that social networking is part of our everyday lives and it is here to stay.

Social networking is a very informal means of communication and leaves employers open to a whole range of potential risks. Not only is an employer vicariously liable for an employee’s behaviour on social media if carried out in the course of employment, there are also the risks of cyber-bullying and damage to an employer’s reputation with worldwide ‘viral’ potential. The boundaries between an employee’s working life and personal life continue to blur.

The increase in the use of social media can also mean productivity issues for employers in the workplace. Linda Hynes has prepared a checklist for employers and HR managers to refer to when considering social media and their employees.

Click here to access the social media checklist.


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