Samsung EPIC SHOT – New Trademark Suggests New Product

Epic Shot Trademark

Over the last week, electronics giant Samsung has applied for UK, EU and US trademarks for ‘Epic Shot’ or ‘Samsung Epic Shot’.

Immediately, you think “that’s some sort of new camera thing” right?

Well, not so fast.

Samsung Epic Shot


Here’s what “Epic Shot” has been applied for for the following:


Smart watches; smartphones; wearable computers; tablet computers; mobile telephones.


SO, not a camera thing?



I don’t really know what else to say. Samsung are about to launch something called “Epic Shot” and it’s either

  • A Smart Watch;
  • A Smartphone;
  • A Wearable Computer; or
  • A Tablet

Watch this (Epic Shot) Space.

Samsung Epic Shot Trademark Applications


Samsung Epic Shot – US Trademark Application

Samsung Epic Shot – EU Trademark Application

Samsung Epic Shot – UK Trademark Application


Incidentally, either someone just got very lucky, or they know something we didn’t.

Samsung Epic Shot for Sale


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