Redundancy Checklist

Linda Hynes, employment law solicitor with Ogier Leman, has agreed to write a monthly feature for Legal-Island email subscribers providing handy precedents and checklists for subscribers to download and use.

Today’s topic is ensuring fair procedures are used when carrying out redundancies. Several recent EAT decisions point to an increasing trend for the Employment Appeals Tribunal to find that although a redundancy situation may be very genuine and necessary, the way the redundancy has been carried out was found to be unfair and therefore an unfair dismissal. The compensation awarded in these cases has also been relatively significant.

Ogier Leman have prepared a template checklist for employers to use to ensure they are adhering to fair procedures when carrying out redundancies. Ultimately it does not matter how justified the reasons are for redundancies and the urgency required, employers must still apply fair procedures in order for the dismissal to be held to be fair. The checklist should be reviewed prior to communicating a redundancy situation and during the redundancy consultation process.

Access the redundancy checklist by clicking here.


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