Postcodes – at last for our online retailers!

Ireland is one of the few countries in the world, and the only European Union country that does not have a postal code system, but this is all set to change!

The introduction of codes, known as “Eircodes” is planned to take place in Spring 2015. The system will incorporate the existing numbered Dublin postal districts as part of the new code and will make Ireland the first country in the world with a unique code for each address. The system will cost €16m to set up over the next couple of years.

Capita Ireland, the company licensed to manage Ireland’s new postcode system has confirmed that each address will have a unique seven character code for each address. The first three characters will form the “routing key” which will be shared by a number of properties in area and will be used to sort mail. The remaining four characters are to be the “unique identifier”: they will identify an individual address/letterbox. They will not be sequential, allowing for the addition of new addresses as building developments occur or existing properties are subdivided.

The long overdue arrival of a postcode system will be vital for a range of services from e-commerce to emergency services and will prove useful to citizens and businesses reliant on smartphones and GPS systems. We will be helping our e-tailing clients to adapt their businesses to this exciting new development


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