Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to be a unique legal business, providing an outstanding client experience through the most efficient means.

Our Core Values

The firm was founded in 2007 by John Hogan and Larry Fenelon. The firm now has a 38 strong team, 32 of whom are lawyers. We’ve grown at a rate of 25% year on year in those 10 years. There are many reasons for our growth but primarily it is because everything we do is based on our core values of bravery, excellence and humanity.


We set up when no one else would, we hired when others did not.  And we invested heavily in technology.

See our USP’s for some examples of brave innovation.


We could tell you that we have acquired ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 27001 accreditation (information security), which means, we run our business according to the highest international standard and we have…. but when it boils down to it, we think it’s because we have a can do attitude, we go the extra mile and we strive to deliver on time and on budget.

We have zero tolerance for mediocrity. We set ambitious standards for ourselves. That is why for example our lawyers undertake 5 times the Law Society’s prescribed professional education requirement or why we conduct 5 separate internal audits on all live files on a weekly basis. That’s just a dipstick of our DNA.


We are in a relationships business, that is why we train our lawyers in psychology, emotional intelligence and self awareness.

We have a very special and talented team. It is carefully nurtured with an emphasis on work life balance; a flourishing personal improvement culture; a healthy work environment; and a good dose of craic!

CSR is an obligation for most corporate firms. We see it differently. We strongly believe that helping others who do not have the same privileges and advantages as us in life is the human thing to do.

We want to work with clients who share and agree with our core values.

Our USPs

We are business people from business backgrounds who get other business people and how they want their services delivered.

We are business people who practice law. We get why businesses are frustrated with lawyers. We believe in changing how law is practiced in a fundamental way. We are continually striving to deliver efficiencies which means quicker delivery and a more cost effective fee. We are embarking on a transformation whereby the delivery of our services becomes digitised through digital savvy lawyers. This is an exciting time for us which will hopefully benefit you.

We are an innovative legal business. Here are some examples of the change that we have brought to the legal industry:

  • First and only paperless law firm in Ireland
  • First to offer fixed fees for all work including litigation
  • First to provide full online access to clients – everything!
  • First to introduce a Client Charter
  • First law firm to introduce genuine family friendly work environment
  • First to adopt a preventative law philosophy
  • First to launch a legal consulting offering
  • First adopters of technologies. We use e-signatures, digital dictation, all our lawyers are active social media users.
  • First to train our lawyers in psychology, emotional intelligence and project management

Our Service Level & Client Charter

If you want 10 page letters of advice telling you what you cannot do, delivered in a language you do not understand, by a lawyer you can never contact, we are not for you!

We have a mandatory 5% discount on our fee if we do not live up to our Client Charter. This sets out our minimum service promise to you to:

  • Return your call or email on the same day
  • Communicate with you in plain English
  • Give pragmatic advice always
  • Be transparent with a fixed fee
  • Provide full online access to your file