Ogier Leman breaks the mould with new ‘Affiliate Lawyers’ Initiative

One of the fastest growing commercial law firms in Dublin, Ogier Leman will launch their “Affiliate Lawyers” initiative this Thursday 18th June 2015. It is a new initiative for qualified solicitors who wish to work part-time, on their own terms including working from home with flexible hours.

In true Leman style, this new initiative breaks the mould and is a first in the profession.

Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner of Ogier Leman said

“We are striving to be the best, most efficient law firm in Ireland and the most progressive employer in the profession. We have always encouraged a healthy work life balance. We feel our ‘Affiliate’ initiative is an excellent opportunity for us to grow the firm with experienced professionals whilst also providing the employees with that precious “gift of time”.  Hundreds of solicitors leave their positions each year providing  an untapped source of experienced legal professionals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We also appreciate that many of these professionals want to continue to work but simply cannot commit to the long hours or full time positions which have become the profession’s  standard.”

Qualified lawyers with 7+ Post Qualification Experience who want to work from home will now have the opportunity to remain in employment with a guarantee of five hours work minimum per week. They will also gain invaluable experience with one of Dublin’s truly progressive law firms.

Ogier Leman has a history of doing things differently. In fact, this is their promise. They pride themselves on being a truly progressive, innovative and dynamic firm, demonstrated in their highly efficient practice. Trailblazing to the top, they are the first law firm in Dublin to offer fixed fees on every project (including litigation), to run a completely paperless office, to give clients full access to their entire file online and to promise their clients plain English at all times.

Details of ‘Leman Affiliate Lawyers’ can be found here.