Leman launches New Legal Technology Company, LexTech

LexTech, an indigenous technology company, have launched their legal technology business today, 29th March 2019.  The company which develops ‘reg tech’ and ‘legal tech’ software products and services for businesses, held the launch at their offices in Dublin 4 where it was attended by  TD and Minister,  Josepha Madigan.

LexTech streamlines legal and regulatory administration in businesses through digitisation, automation and data capture. LexTech also delivers bespoke risk and contract management solutions to business clients.

Speaking at the announcement, Karl Manweiler, LexTech, co-Founder and Managing Director said; Businesses operate in an increasingly regulated environment. GDPR, AML, health and safety, environmental, insurance and financial laws and regulations infiltrate all our businesses. While necessary, it impacts negatively on creativity, productivity and efficiency. We have the technology solutions to accelerate compliance and make businesses more efficient.”

 Larry Fenelon, co-Founder of LexTech and Partner in Ogier Leman said;  Lextech is the first legal technology business developing technology tools to help businesses manage their legal processes as well as driving digitisation, automation and data capture in law.   At least 40% of existing legal jobs are now vulnerable to automation. Lawyers will be displaced by LexTech services as the work we do merges legal and technology skillsets.  We are filling the gap here in areas like contract management, incident reporting apps, live business insight reporting and e-conveyancing.  As our business continues to thrive, we will be recruiting for the new legal jobs of the future. These will merge legal and technology skillsets. We are excited about our new technology offering and truly believe this is the future of law.”

Josepha Madigan, Lawyer, TD & Minister said;  “The government is keenly aware of the threat and opportunity presented by automation. This is a first-hand example of that threat and opportunity being embraced by LexTech.  Job displacements through automation is real but so are the businesses and jobs of the future. LexTech is the first legal technology provider in Ireland that is delivering real preventative law and risk management solutions through technology. I am delighted to join and support the LexTech team this morning for their launch.”


For further information, please contact Karl Manweiler, Managing Director on 01 232 1073 or email kmanweiler@lextech.ie


About LexTech

LexTech provides technology solutions and products to regulated companies to manage legal risk and regulatory compliance. The services include digitisation, automation and data capt

LexTech has developed risk management and contract management technology platforms and applications for a variety of regulated businesses. 

LexTech helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by reducing the time spent on bureaucracy, enabling businesses to capture business-critical data and deliver business intelligence. The competitive advantage is gained through removing paper, automating processes, intelligent data capture and business intelligence reporting.LexTech believes in building solutions onto existing platforms, such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Office365. LexTech’s solutions and expertise extend beyon

d the legal department into other key business units, such as Sales, Operations and Finance.

LexTech is a sister company of Ogier Leman, Ireland’s most innovative commercial law firm.

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