Leman 10 – What a difference 10 years’ makes

Leading the change in how law is practiced

Leman celebrated its’ 10th year anniversary with a gathering of their team, firm friends and their clients on the Rooftop of the Marker Hotel on Thursday 15th June.


The firm, which has been leading the change in the legal profession over the last 10 years set out to offer clients something different. The occasion on Thursday celebrated their delivery on that promise and their many milestones which have changed how law is practiced in Ireland.

  • to go paperless;
  • to give clients online access to their files;
  • to give fixed fees for all work including litigation;
  • to give clients a service charter;
  • to get ISO 9001 for Quality & ISO 27001 for Security Management;
  • to introduce an affiliate programme which promotes flexible and remote working practices;
  • to set up a legal consultancy to practice preventive law; and
  • to host the Future of Law & Legal Technology Forum.

The firm which are legal specialists in Real Estate, Technology and Services has grown 25% year on year and projects exponential growth in the next 10 with their new legal consultancy, Leman Consulting. Their success will be delivered through a transformation plan focused on legal technology, preventive law and multidisciplinary practice. The vision for Leman (formerly Ogier Leman) is to become a unique legal business, providing an outstanding client experience through the most efficient means.

Speaking about the 10-year celebration, Founding & Managing Partner, Larry Fenelon said;

“We are immensely proud of all we have achieved; we have had a remarkable 10 years but it doesn’t end here. We have huge drive and ambition and we have big plans for the next 10.  Our new legal consultancy is where we see the future of law and we plan to continue to lead the change through our transformation plan.

In the sense that there is a glass ceiling or a rule book for how law should be practiced, we want to punch through the ceiling and rip up the rule book. We promise to continue to do things differently because if we don’t, we join the queue. And to put it simply we want to and will, form the queue. “

For further information on Leman please visit http://leman.ie

For further information on Leman 10, please contact Grainne Jolley, Ogier Leman – Tel: 01 639 3000, Mob: 086 172 4003 Email: gjolley@leman.ie

About Leman

Founded in 2007, Leman is one of the fastest growing commercial law firms in Ireland. Leman offer legal advice to businesses. What makes them different is the way that they do it. They rely on innovation and not tradition to ensure that clients get the advice their business needs on time and on budget. All of their lawyers are experts in their specialist fields. Their specialties include, Real Estate Technology and Services.

Website www.leman.ie

Headquarters: 8-34 Percy Place Dublin 4, Ireland