Mysterious Google HOLOGRAM Trademark Application Emerges

Google Hologram Trademark

There’s been two interesting trademark applications filed by Google in the last few days. What they are for, or what they mean, I have absolutely no idea. Let the wild speculating commence!

Google Trademark 1

Firstly, we have this trademark, filed in the USPTO (US Patents and Trademark Office) on 21 November, 2018:

Google G Hologram Trademark

Google G Trademark

Google Hologram Trademark – Google Trademark 2


That, of itself is quite interesting, especially when you see what it has been applied for (see below) but even more interesting is this multimedia trademark application filed in the EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office)

It’s an application for a hologram. Fancy. This is the video that has been filed in support of the application:


The range of goods this Google hologram has been applied for is set out below.

Hologram applications in the EUIPO are rare. So far, only 5 have been granted, out of 10 applied for.

Google Trademark Application for Hologram

In fact is should now be easier to obtain a hologram Trademark in the EUIPO since a change to the law last year. This Google trademark application will be interesting to follow for that reason.

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Google Hologram Goods Applied For:

access control and alarm monitoring systems;

accessories for virtual reality devices, namely, padding replacements; accessories for watches, including watchbands, straps and covers; alarm sensors; audio speakers;


battery chargers;


camera accessories for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, namely, lenses, tripods, cases with built-in lenses, mounting plates, flash, and remotes;

car chargers;

cases, protective covers, and sleeves for mobile phones, smartphones, cameras, earphones, earbuds, chargers, headphones, tablets, headsets for virtual and augmented reality, and laptops; chargers;

charging cases;

climate control system consisting of a digital thermostat;

computer accessories, namely, protective cases, protective bumper cases, protective covers for tablet computers, computer bags, protective sleeves for laptop computers, and screen protectors comprised of tempered glass and plastic adapted for use with portable electronic devices;

computer hardware for controlling home automation systems, namely, lighting, appliances, heating and air conditioning units, alarms and other safety equipment, locks, cameras, and home monitoring equipment;

computer hardware for streaming and playing audio, video, and multimedia content, and for controlling televisions, monitors, gaming systems, DVD players, portable media players, and digital media streaming devices;

computer hardware, computers, and computer peripherals all for accessing and transmitting data and content among consumer electronics devices and displays;

computer hardware;


digital cameras;

digital door locks;

earbuds; earphones;

electronic devices and computer software that allows the sharing and transmission of data and information between devices for the purposes of facilitating environmental monitoring, control, and automation; electronic doorbells featuring a camera;

electronic doorbells;

electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus;

electronic locks;

electronic monitors and sensors for monitoring water, humidity levels, heat, temperature, air quality, light, movement, motion, sound, and the presence of people, animals and objects;

electronic wirelessly enabled doorbells;

hands-free devices;



home automation control device;

interchangeable metal and fabric bases for voice activated speakers and wireless routers;

keyboard covers for computer hardware, computers, and tablet computers;

mobile phones and smartphones;


keypads for use with security alarm devices;

laptop computers;

light switches;

light systems comprising light sensors and switches;

lighting control panels;

loud speakers;

motion activated cameras;

power cables and adapters;

programmable locking systems;

protective covers for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets;

bumpers for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets;

remote controls devices;

screen protectors;

security alarm controllers;

security alarm hubs;

smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire alarms;

sound alarms;

stand alone information device, namely, voice and manual controlled audio speakers with personal digital assistant capabilities for streaming and playing audio, video, and multimedia content, for controlling televisions, monitors, gaming systems, DVD Players, portable media players, and digital media streaming devices;

stand alone information device, namely, voice and manual controlled audio speakers with personal digital assistant capabilities for accessing and searching online databases, websites, mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart phones, handheld computers, portable computers for documents, files, and other stored information on command;


tablet computers;

telecommunication base stations;

video cameras;

virtual reality controllers and headsets;

voice controlled audio speakers;

wireless cameras;

wireless chargers;

wireless indoor and outdoor speakers;

wireless network routers;

wireless speakers.

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