Development Finance – how and where to access it

On Wednesday 12th November Ogier Leman co-hosted a business breakfast for our developer clients with CBRE and LeBruin Private.  The session focused   on where development is due/most likely to take place and how to access development finance.  The keynote speaker was Dr. William Hynes of Future Analytics who provided a detailed breakdown of recent data on housing requirements in the Dublin area and projected demand for 2014-2018.  The information is invaluable for intending developers.  If you need more information or contacts in this area, please feel free to contact John Hogan or Sharon Pennick.

In addition to identifying the development requirements, Brian Tuite from LeBruin Private gave a presentation on how to get access to finance for purchase and development of sites.  We have now developed a strong contact base in the development finance space – both with the traditional banks and also new entrants to the market.  Our first completed client development will be sold over the coming weeks and if you require information on development finance and where and how to access it, feel free to contact our commercial property team. 


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