Dealing With Absences

Absence management in the workplace is a full time job! It’s also a legal labyrinth. Rising stress levels in the workplace in recent years have led to increased absence rates. Linda Hynes, Head of the Employment Team, has prepared a handy checklist for employers on dealing with various absences issues such as:

  1. Managing absences generally;
  2. Managing sickness absences;
  3. Managing persistent short term absences;
  4. Managing long term absences;
  5. Dealing with stress certs;
  6. Compassionate Leave; and
  7. Force Majeure Leave.

The checklist is designed to give employers guidance on the questions to ask themselves when dealing with various absences. Asking these questions in advance will help prevent the legal issues that can arise when absences are not proactively managed. To access the checklist please click here.

If you would like more information on managing absences in the workplace without the legal headache, or any other employment law topic, you can contact Linda Hynes or Síobhra Rush from the Employment Team on 01 6393000.

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