How many of your contracts are currently out of date, contain legislation that no longer exists, have inaccuracies that no one has spotted and can be understood by your customer?

Drafting, maintenance, management and review of contracts account for a large portion of lawyers time. I

Imagine if all your contracts were smart, simplified, visual and live. Live contracts include automatically updating hyperlinks to legislation and will trigger notifications to all concerned parties around date changes or expiration.

Leman Consulting can assist your business to review all your existing contracts. New smart contracts can be drafted from boilerplate templates to ensure streamlining and consistency.We can automate the contract approval process.

In addition we can advise on the appropriate use of blockchain enabled contracts. This approach will eliminate the requirement for frequent periodical contract review and will save time, money and resources .

Our services include;

  • Simplification

  • Visualisation

  • Automated Updates & Notifications

  • Blockchain Enabled

For more information on Leman Consulting, please contact Larry Fenelon or Karl Manweiler on 01 639 3000